A One Creature

by Miguel Angel Alcantar

Approach, come and let’s see
how clear it all can be.
Dark and foggy the world is,
a cave is for me,
Don’t you think?

Stand, breathe, let me know how it is,
dark the world is, can you see?
but stay, don’t leave.
My night still foggy is…
Can’t you see me doing this here?
I’ve told you not to fear,
this is what it’s all supposed to be.

“Fear not,” is what I say
but only you know what truth is.
You see, what I do you can do too;
Instead of watching, why don’t
you make the attempt to see
what it is you can be?

Now leave and do it before night falls
for the creatures surround both you
and me; remember no fear is
what you should feel,
that when you came, I’ve felt
what true hope is.
Depart safely.

see more at www.paintedbrain.org


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